Friday, June 4, 2010


The season is here, now is the time to start your Tick Patrol. Moms, Dads and Children be aware that the Ticks are looking for a host,(someone to bite and attach themselves to). Get into the habit of examining your bodies especially if you have been outside in the grass or wooded land. You should examine your pets also, they could easily bring ticks in. Your back might seem like an unlikely area, but no area is sacred.

Most of us think that bathing or showering removes ticks, not so. Some ticks just bite and others attach themselves by embedding themselves, their head, into the skin, leaving only the body visible.Therefore when you shower the tick will not fall off, it has to be removed, head and all.
Once the tick is engorged (large, full of blood) the tick will start to transmit the bacteria back into the skin. This is a critical point because you have to find out what type of tick has bitten you. The only way to do that is to seek medial help.
The reason you need medical assistance is due to the fact that they will know how to remove the entire tick, (head and body) and identify the tick and prescribe any medication if necessary. Most studies state that deer ticks carry the bacteria which causes Lyme disease. There are other ticks also, such as dog ticks.

Ticks start out looking like a pin point, but will enlarge when filled with blood. It is not advised to try to remove a tick that is embedded into some one's skin.    

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