Recipes and how to cook

Recipes and Cooking -Easy How to.

The most important aspect of following a recipe is to have all of your needed utensils on hand. Look over your recipe to make sure you have the proper tools ready and all ingredients ready to be measured.

Basic items will do. You really should use measuring utensils, unless you are a seasoned cook and are able to substitute the amounts. Each visit to the market pick up a needed utensil. Eventually you will have stocked all that you need to follow a recipe.

Handy utensils.
Utensils applies to pots, pans, measuring spoons and bowls. Follow your recipe and you know what items you need to complete your dish. Most importantly gather all of the ingredients needed and
have them prepared and ready to add to your dish. 

Check before- hand for ingredients needed
When preparing a dish you do not want to go looking for an item, it only slows you down. The idea is to have fun cooking with no drama. Check your supplies before hand.

It is essential to have Stock pots and  saucepans available, which will help make your cooking experience a pleasure. Do you know that the materials, (stainless steel or aluminum) that the pans are made with cause your foods to cook differently?

Stainless steel pans usually cooks your food more evenly,which means the food will taste better.
Teflon tends to peel after a while and there has been some discussions about the aluminum pans and what might get into your food while cooking.
Choose your pans carefully any old pan just won't do.

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