Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The Celebration of our Independence on July fourth is just a few days away, Sunday. The Declaration of Independence Day was voted on July 2nd, 1776, and approved by Congress on July 4th, 1776. The first celebration was on July 8th, 1776. Independence Day, " Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

How will you and your family celebrate this great day?  Picnics and family gatherings are in order or
just plain relaxing and enjoying our blessings.

What ever makes you happy, that's what you and your family do. This Holiday was originally celebrated with fire works which was a tradition to celebrate the birthdays of their leaders..

Fire works are really a sight to see and enjoy, if done by those that are experienced, and held in a safe area. All children or most love to see the fire works, but fire works are not toys so make sure the children are out of harms way .
Some of us will have a three day weekend, so enjoy and be safe.
 Let me know how you and your family are planning on celebrated  July 4th. Give us some ideas of how we might celebrate the day.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Most living things are not equipped with a shut-off valves. Such as the human body and the like, and if so, as to my knowledge man can mimic the condition. The sea, the earth and the air we breath have no limits. There is no natural shut off valve in their make up.
With that being said, OIL rigs are designed and operated by man.  I was under the impression that any kind of machinery of that nature (Man Made) had to have an On and OFF valve within it's mechanism in order to pass inspection and to  test it. I would think that as each unit was put in place it would not have been set at full throttle or whatever it was going to connected was closed off. Can  they really connect a new pipeline or rig with the Oil gushing out. I would think not, well maybe...
Where is the ON and OFF valves which should be mandatory and created for emergencies such as
Every man made and installed mechanical device we use has to have an On and OFF switch or it is classified unfit for consumer use.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tennis Mom

The longest ever Tennis Match, and still going strong, a 10- hour game, and still going strong into day three. US's John Isner and France's Nicolas Mahut both of which have a stamina that is stunning
Such a display of pure sportsmanship and determination is rare. Mrs Isner, John's mom, stated in an TV interview that John has always been that way, never giving up. She also said that she is so very proud of him for the way he has carried himself through out  this long match. Parental methods provided by his parents and his hard work has brought him to the top of his game. He has WON!!!

What a game well worth watching without all the drama. Both players displayed true sportsmanship.
John's Mom and Dad must be so proud, for he has shown the rewards of good parenting and John having been "a child once", following through.

Friday, June 18, 2010


The attitude of some teens in school seems to be, "If I fail in school because I did not try, is better than failing when I did try. There are some teens who have this attitude. The fear of  what their friends or teachers and even what their parents might say is affecting how teens are approaching the problem.

I would think that all parents are teaching their school age children to try and try again until they succeed. This message is not reaching all of our children. It is so very important for them to know that you are supporting them and understand if they really try to succeed.They might have to switch to another subject.

Not to try at all is not the solution. That would be creating more problems for them later on in life. Instilling confidence and self esteem is a couple of the most important things a parent have to master. It is up to the parent to find out from your child exactly how they feel  about  the issue of succeeding in school. You need to know if they are having a problem with any subject, which would cause them not to apply themselves.

If your child's grades are not up to par, don't wait, discuss the issue now. They might have this same attitude, which can spread like wildfire. Communication is vital  in this situation. A yelling match is not what is needed, but listening and trying to understand their point of view and guiding them away from the idea of not trying, and letting them  know that they are in control of making every effort that they can to succeed.

Let them know that you will still love them if they do not succeed in something and them loving you back means they did at least try.


Sunday, June 13, 2010


The situation with the the Oil Spill is very serious and frightening. Just to think that there are so many other things a parent has to worry about in keeping our children safe, now we are all in danger because of this tragic accident. More jobs lost for the fishing industry, not to mention the health hazards imposed. For those of us watching our diets, sea food was an alternative.
 Another concern is that a guest on the news stated that someone might be able to correct the problem, but the powers to be have not asked them personally. Well, are we talking about egos and who gets into the spotlight or are we concerned about all us that are affected by this mishap? What effect will the oil spill have on all of us a few years from now?
Parents teach their children compassion, caring and to do the right thing in life.
Are we as adults falling short of what we are trying to convey to our children?

Monday, June 7, 2010


I was not aware of a car that had a heart or any other component to declare it human and capable of  babysitting any child left alone in it. I often wonder why parents forget the child in the summer heat verses zero below temps.
Parenting is not limited to showing off the beautiful bundle or dressing up baby, but involves every breath you take to insure the safety of your child or children.
Leaving a child in a car and locking the door is unacceptable in any type of weather. Your car is not a baby sitter or a real live person that can monitor your child's well being.There was a incident where a parent left a car seat with a child in it on top of the car and pulled off onto the highway,of course the car seat fell from the top of the car, luckily that child was not injured.
Parents cannot be so distracted and unaware of their surroundings that they
forget their responsibility of protecting their children.You must be focused at
all times with a child in your car.
Let's make this a beautiful and happy summer for all children.

Friday, June 4, 2010


The season is here, now is the time to start your Tick Patrol. Moms, Dads and Children be aware that the Ticks are looking for a host,(someone to bite and attach themselves to). Get into the habit of examining your bodies especially if you have been outside in the grass or wooded land. You should examine your pets also, they could easily bring ticks in. Your back might seem like an unlikely area, but no area is sacred.

Most of us think that bathing or showering removes ticks, not so. Some ticks just bite and others attach themselves by embedding themselves, their head, into the skin, leaving only the body visible.Therefore when you shower the tick will not fall off, it has to be removed, head and all.
Once the tick is engorged (large, full of blood) the tick will start to transmit the bacteria back into the skin. This is a critical point because you have to find out what type of tick has bitten you. The only way to do that is to seek medial help.
The reason you need medical assistance is due to the fact that they will know how to remove the entire tick, (head and body) and identify the tick and prescribe any medication if necessary. Most studies state that deer ticks carry the bacteria which causes Lyme disease. There are other ticks also, such as dog ticks.

Ticks start out looking like a pin point, but will enlarge when filled with blood. It is not advised to try to remove a tick that is embedded into some one's skin.