Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Children and Summer Safety Tips

The heat is here and in most places. Temperatures in the 90s.Most schools are out for summer break, which means more play time for the young ones. Parent's daily routine have to be adjusted once again. Work or babysitter schedules changed to meet the needs of the young ones. In all this hustle bustle, parents, guardians and babysitters slow down and recap. Make sure you know where the young ones are at all times. With all this gotta do stuff we get turned around thinking well I thought you picked them up or didn't you get them out of the car?

Don't even go there. There is no excuse for getting all caught up into the frenzy of the day and forget where the little is. NO EXCUSES ACCEPTED!
Double check to see that the little ones are safe and attended at all times. Leaving a child in a hot car or any vehicle is dangerous, especially in this heat.

Little children love to be outside, so they will  exit through an unlocked door especially if you appear to be busy. Keep an eye on them  at all times. Swimming pools are great for keeping them cool along with the bathtub, but have you ever seen your child turn over on their tummy thinking they can swim? Pay attention for they think they can do everything.

Summer weather is to be enjoyed by all. Keep these tips in mind for summer and all times.
Have a safe and healthy Summer.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lost our Way

Today there is so much heartache and grief being caused by those that have lost their way. It is very difficult to understand why someone would lose their way. What is causing this malfunction and can we get it under control or is the behavior going to be accepted as another "norm"?

Our children are vanishing. Our mothers are vanishing. Our fathers are vanishing.
Only to be found too late. It is apparent that we are not paying attention to our surroundings, our friends or our relatives. Are we too busy to see that this issue is escalating?

With the economic structure not looking so good, stress levels are over the top. Patience has gone out the back door along with respect for a human life. I do know that prayer concurs all. We still need to pay closer attention to others behavior which might mean that they are having a problem coping with life.

In these times we cannot afford to not get involved, because our children and families are suffering from no one saying anything about abnormal behavior. You need to pay attention to the company you keep as head of your household. Children will most likely go away with someone that they think you are very friendly with and they are always in your home, this applies to friends,relatives or anyone.

After the fact, is too late! Listening to families that have had a tragic occurrence,there always seems to be some indication that something was going wrong. People are not  coping as well as we think. For someone to think they can hijack a person or even attempt a home  invasion is abnormal.What is driving people to these extremes?

We have predators in our mist, preying on our families and our children, who just disappear in the night, never to be seen again.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My plea

Mr Adam Mayes

Stop, stop, stop NOW!  Let the girls go free,alive! You don't know me  and I don't know you, but if you have these girls , let them go, Now!, alive and free. WHY?  I was a child once. Thank you