Sunday, October 24, 2010


Thanks go out to:  Derek, said..

"Thanks for the great article, log homes really do capture the rustic lifestyle and show the beauty of nature everyday. There are some wonderful log homes for sale in Montana if this sounds like a lifestyle for you."

Derek was kind enough to visit my site and in doing so confirmed my thoughts that there is no limit to  Log Home dreams. Take a look at what is outside of the box, and enjoy.  

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Electronics and a Log Home

While selecting your floor plans and design of your all wood Log Home, keep in mind all of your desired gadgets and where you want them installed. If you are not utilizing sheetrock or drywall in your Log Home, select the exact areas where you want your computers, telephones,televisions and all other electrical items. There will be no sheet rock to hide these wires, therefore this should be done a bit earlier than when building a conventional house. If you do not designate a place for your cable TV early on, the cable installer will have to drill a hole through the floor in order to gain access. You really do not want your wood damaged in that fashion.

Electrical outlets are not a problem because there is a specific amount required by the size of each room. All of your electrical wiring for the items mentioned above, should be concealed .
This means  that you will have to go into each and every room and point out where you want your
cable connection to be placed and also the touch pads for your alarm system. Don't forget about the telephones and  which rooms and where they are to be located.

The best way to accomplish this task is to get a copy of your floor plans, make a 8x10 copy of each room and using small pieces of paper, arrange as sofa, chairs,etc. This will help you visualize where you should have a telephone or cable connection.

The 8x10 copy method also helps in placement of your furniture at move in time. You will be able to
tell the movers exactly where to put what, which eliminates confusion and shortens move in time. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fresh View

Taking pictures is such a relaxing past time for me. Once you start there is no limitation to your imagination. Here is a fun photo I would like to share with you.
This odd shaped (duck) eggplant was so
interesting I had to present it on a platter for you.
Fresh butter beans and more sliced eggplant were added.
This photo was taken with my cell phone, which
demonstrates how pleasure can be experienced from some very simple things.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Log Home Living - 7 Excellent Reasons to Choose a Log Home

Log home living is a wonderful experience, and if you're in the mind to buy or build a new home, you might just take a moment to consider the benefits of living in a log cabin of your very own. Here are seven major reasons why log home life is the life for you...

#1 - History;
Perhaps your ancestors lived in a log cabin in the old days? This type of iconic home was built and enjoyed by many settlers and pioneers of different new lands, and some still stand today. Some log-built structures in Northern and Eastern Europe are still standing today and have stood for many centuries, even since the 14th century.

#2 - Individuality;
Would you want the same-old, simple, just-like-all-the-others home? Or would you rather stand out from the masses with something as rustic and stately as a log home? Living in such a unique home adds a wholesome and historic feel to your life, filled with the age-old pioneer spirit, as well as to the whole neighborhood.

#3 - Glamorous Beauty;
Obviously, the rustic beauty of a log home is alluring enough to almost pull you into it by force. There's just something timeless about such construction, and the natural beauty outshines homes built in the more modern, conventional way. Finding a beautifully well-built log cabin amid other hum-drum style homes is like finding a unicorn amid a herd of wild mustangs. And the beauty isn't only just "skin-deep" - such natural rustic beauty is on the inside as well.

#4 - Contentment and Satisfaction;
You can have any kind of home that you'd like, and make it comfortable, but log home living is the coziest you can experience. Picture having your family over for the holidays, and sitting all gathered around at the fireplace after an evening meal. Imagine how cool the interior would be in the summertime, and how warm it would be in the wintertime. Imagine waking up and opening your eyes to log-constructed walls and hopping over to the kitchen for hotcakes and maple syrup for breakfast with your family in your log cabin home - ah, yes... that's the life!

#5 - Environmental Issues;
The insulative properties of log houses are perfect for keeping the interior cool in the summer heat, and warm in the winter cold. Not much energy is required at all for this, due to the log construction. Also, many log cabins and log homes kits are milled from reclaimed timbers so that there is no cutting down of forest resources.

#6 - Insects;
Termite damage, winter-nesting bees, ants, spiders and so forth can infest any modern conventionally built home... but whereas most log homes are constructed of types of wood such as cedar, this would never be a problem. Cedar and other aromatic type woods of a similar kind, have natural insect repellent in the oils which naturally permeate such woods. Much like a cedar chest is used to stow away woolen things to keep moths from consuming them.

#7 - Expense;
In the case of log homes kits, which by the way is how most log-built structures are made today, the expense of both time and money is drastically reduced. Construction time used to take many months, perhaps more than a year - but with pre-milled logs shaped to precise specifications in a factory setting, parts numbered in the order of construction, and all delivered to the construction site with most of the work done for you, building it can now take a mere few short weeks. Due to the way such pre-milled logs are produced, it also creates the situation of the lowest per-log cost there can possibly be. This is why log cabin kits are the most sought after means of achieving log home living today.
The beauty of a log home is something that must be experienced first-hand - the beauty of rustic nature that can be observed in a log cabin built from a pre-cut log home kit is something that really must be seen to be appreciated. If you'd like to find more information on log home living, check out all of the information to be had at