Sunday, August 19, 2012

Forgetting Our Children

Once again we are hearing about children being left in  over heated cars. What is it that we are so busy doing , that we forget our child in a car or anywhere? Communication seems to be lacking and more concern about how we look what we are going to wear or sleeping until the last minute, causing a mad rush out the door.

From where I sit in my car I can see something as big as a toddler's car seat. Are you using the car seat? When ever transporting a child, I would think you would look into the rear view mirror to check on them. I just don't get it.

Did another person put the child into the car and you were not aware of their action?  Even so, I would think that the mother and father would double check before leaving home as to who was doing what concerning the child. 

A single person having put a child into the car, can in no way forget putting the child into the car.
Are parents becoming a hazard to their children?

For those that have experienced this tragedy, I suggest you try to help others avoid this unspeakable lost.
Tell others what occurred that caused you to make such a hurtful oversight.

My heart goes out to the little ones that went to Heavens Playground.

Help to prevent this tragedy from happening to other children.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

TThe Summer Olympics held in London 2012


It has been quite an exciting and entertaining event. Congratulations go out to all that participated and claimed the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals. Job well done. It's not over yet.

Tennis is at the top of my list. I found that each and every part of the competitions were equally exciting and supercharged. You could see and feel the energy generated by all competing.

It is amazing to see all of these young people following their dreams and have succeeded in being able to compete in the finals and having a chance to win a medal. Starting their commitment at an early age and not giving up is so very impressive.  They all have set an excellent example for all, young and old.

For those that did not get a medal, I applaud them for the wholehearted effort that they displayed. There will be another Olympics and I am sure they will have perfected their skills and return to succeed and claim their medals. 

Miss Gabby Douglas has taken it to the top with her performance in Gymnastics, Job well done.
We have yet to see who will win the Gold in the Men's Tennis match.
Roger Federer will compete against Andy Murray for the Gold in the Tennis competition
Who do you think will win?

Serena Williams has won the Gold , Maria Sharopova the Silver in the Women's Tennis match.

Xuerul Li of China won the Gold In the Badminton competition.

Tyler Clary won the gold in the Backstroke competition.

Italy won the Gold  in the Foil Fencing Team competition.

Michael Phelps won and won, way to go Michael!

Osca Pistorius is on to compete in the 400M competition. Pistorius is a Double Amputee and demonstrates to us  all that "where there is a will, there there is a way! You go Pistorius!!!

These are just a few mentioned that have made their mark in history and set an example for the world to see.