Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gang Banger's Train Ride

Get on board to where? You tell me. Upon hearing all the bad news as to what is happening with these gangs  is quite discerning and sad. There used to be a time when a parent controlled what their child's behavior. Age did not matter, as long as you lived in your parents house you followed the rules inside and out.
What has gone wrong? Most of these Gang Bangers are still living at home.Where are these parents and what are they thinking?
Even if these GB's have only one parent there is no excuse whatsoever for this behavior to be accepted.
Usually when a parent could not control a child's behavior, they asked for help from the proper authorities. It seems to me that this may be a situation
where the parent is turning their head the other way or they are afraid of their own children.

One way to help correct the problem is to start holding the parents accountable for the havoc their children are causing.Second choice is to reach out and ask these
gang members what has led them to this path and offer a positive alternative to help them get back on the
right track.

This behavior is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated
as a norm. If it continues it will only get worse for everyone. Parents get your children back on the right
track or seek help!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father's Day--Heart to Heart

Hi Dad, it's me....
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate and love you. There were times when you didn't understand me or my actions ,nor did I understand myself. As I get older and wiser I think that everything will be alright. I haven't forgotten a word you said.

Just letting me be me will be easier on both of us. I know you want me to be a certain way, but we all have to travel a path in life until we realize which is the right one. When we make a mistake then we know we are on the wrong path and a change has to come. I know you don't want me to make any mistakes.

It may seem as though I am not following the right path but each of us have to find out what is right for us and what is the wrong path or a better path. Sure, you might say "I told you, you should do this or that" which was true, even so one must make a mistake in order to come to the conclusion of changing things.

I do love you and respect you and I know eventually we will meet at the crossroads of understanding.