Sunday, September 1, 2013

Changes in Our World Today

With all that is happening in the world today, we have to not try to take it all in and dwell on it  It is a little to much to try and find all the answers to make everything right again. There is not a day that goes by that there is loads of bad news.

There are wars erupting all over the world, with innocent people and children being injured or dying. What has changed us to the point of harming children and our families or people that we don't even know.

Life or normal living seems to be causing such havoc all over the world, causing individuals to perform horrific acts. Has the weight of just trying to live a normal life caused us to abandon what is right and what is wrong.

Of course we all have had the unexpected occur, be it health issues or a  tragedy of some kind. But are we abandoning our common sense? Or, are we trying to sort and understand what is happening around us, which can be a bit much for anyone to handle and put our minds in overload?

Taking in too much can cause stress

We are overloaded with today's current events, not to say we don't want to know, but some of us cannot handle being bombarded with so much bad news. It begins to take a toll on a person's way of thinking and how they would handle certain situations. A buildup of stress related or not related can cloud one's mind eventually.

  • Mental illness seems to be growing since many of the facilities were closed down. Where does one go to get assistance when they can foresee a problem arising among family members or someone close to them.
  • The stress generated from the economy problems and loss of jobs.
  • Our military being displace and struggling to survive, once out of the service.
  • Health related issues.
  • Family structure falling apart.
  • Drug use which impairs the judgement of a person's reaction to a situation.
  • Media news and one's interpretation.
  • Built up anger causing a person not to think rationally in a given situation. 
What would cause a grandson to harm his grandmother or any family member? Family friends attacking
another family and their children is just unheard of. What is actually causing these horrific crimes?
The attack on young children today is unacceptable and must be stopped. An attack on any human being is wrong. Are we paying attention to the changes in our world?

We cannot just let it go because it is getting worse. Yet,  we cannot let this behavior become a norm. and lead us into a place of no return.