Tuesday, March 13, 2012


No, I am not talking about daylight savings time. I am exploring life time and how
 much of this life each of us have remaining and what we do with this time. To my
 astonishment and disbelief my life time was compromised and challenged. I was
diagnosed with cancer.

All of this time that I thought I had, went right out the window in a split second.
Now I was thrown into a state of  fear, confusion and sadness. Yes, I heard what
 the doctor said, but was he really talking to me? acceptance was the next to follow
 along with total bewilderment  as to what would be the next step in
treating my illness.

There was no time to daydream, procrastinate or keep promises made. I had to
 depend on others to help me continue my life time. So far I am able to continue
 my life time ,with the help of my Surgeon, Oncology  Doctor, Nurses and Radiology
 Specialists and all involved.  I also continued to say my prayers.

Family and friends gave me the support and love that I so needed which played a major
 roll in my  recovery.

Thank You All.

Any comments and questions are welcomed