Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lost Holidays

Many of us lost our holidays due to tragic occurrences. There were so many sad and horrific happenings right around the holidays which saddened the whole world.

Why, is still the question. No one seems to have an answer to the unusual actions that have taken place lately. Is it due to mental health issues or gun control or veiwing so many violent
movies and the violent nature of video games offered to the public?

Will we ever be able to pinpoint the cause of all of these sad happenings? Maybe it is all of these things put together. We all are caught up into getting through the day as best we can and not
paying attention to our surroundings or changes in one's behavior.

Most of these vicious acts are done by people that are dressed in some kind of costume or video game character. Are these individuals
re-enacting something they have viewed on television or a video game?

It appears that they might be doing just that. Maybe after watching or playing so many of these violent games, and if they have a mental problem, this adds to the problem.

Of course they have a deep problem and we must find a way to identify them, whether it be family or friends or anyone which will cause havoc in our lives.

Put aside the politics and all of those people that are out for capital gain and start looking and listening to those around us and maybe we might see it coming and be able to alert the authorities and save a life.

The question is, what is causing these attacks on innocent children and adults?