Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tennis anyone?

Tennis is here! Starts, today Sunday- French Open!
Wait no longer tennis has launched, hooray! I never thought I would  get up 4am or so to watch anything, but low and be hold I did. I enjoyed every minute of it last year. As an afterthought I wondered what would happen if you put the TV on the tennis channel and left it there, what would your children do?
They will watch if you show some interest in it, subtle persuasion, maybe, what better way to help mold a young mind. From what I can see these young tennis players have developed a sense of positive self esteem and character, along with a strong competitive edge.
A game shared by the family helps to broaden the scope of discussion and interaction within the family,therefore enabling our children to better communicate outside of the home.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Income Blogging Guide

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grandma's Name

I want to share with you a little story about a child's view of a name.
Summer was here and plans had been made to have my grandson visit for a couple of weeks. I was very excited and  was planning what we would do when he arrived. He was just past preschool and full of energy and loved to smile and give you all the warm hugs that make grandparents glow from within.
Well, I was still employed as an wholesale/ retail sales person and there was no question as to taking some time off, not when you are a independent contractor, so I had to work him into my existing schedule.One of our adventures was to go to work , go to grandma's job to see what she does and fun doing that for a day.He packed his little bright red lunch box with his work tools, coloring book, paper,pencils and a little snack.
Being that I had a private office, his being there would not be a problem. We arrived early so as to skip all the commotion that's is generated in a sales complex with loads of offices and people buzzing around. I intended to introduce him to the group later in the day, when things calmed down.
He was having a great time making believe he was working, he even had his own desk, he was quite pleased. I said to myself great idea.
Mother nature finally called and he needed to use the boy's room, no problem, I was about to walk along with him  and he said "grandma I'm a big boy now I can go all by myself. I had already taken to the door of the the men's room upon arrival, so he would know there was one there. The men's room was straight ahead and could be seen from my office door.We went through the wash your hands and all that.He went happily down the long hallway smiling and greeting each person he passed, as I watched.
I stepped backed into the office and lo and behold he was back looking very upset and teary. My heart skipped a beat, mind racing as to what had occurred.I asked him what was wrong and he said, "I was asked my name and I told them and they wanted to know who I was here with and I said Grandma, then they wanted to know my grandma's name", I said and then what?He looked up at me with his big brown eyes and said " Grandma, I don't know your name!"Grandma, What is your name?

Well I was taken aback, after all the planning and making sure he was safe it did not occur to me that every child should know the names of their family members, their real given names. We are so into mama, daddy, auntie and the like.
I did not even think that if an emergency had occurred, he would not be able to connect with me because he did not know my name.What a frightening thought.
I immediately told him my given name and he beamed and started out of the office door, and I said where are you going?" I have to go tell them your name grandma, so they will know who I belong to.

If a child can talk, then it's time to tell them your given name.The issue of when it can be used is another story.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Illegal Immigrants and their children

The news media is discussing Illegal Immigrants along with the border issues. Upon seeing families with children moving from one place to another to escape the raft of being illegal was disturbing. There must be another way to rectify this problem. Have any studies been done to tell anyone how many of these illegal immigrants have tried to or succeeded in harming the US in any way.Specifically, terrorism, bombings and the like.?
It appears as though if someone has sufficient funds and is a legal citizen that they can cause us more harm, such as the almost fatal act in Times Square.
Of course we don't want to be infiltrated with drug lords and their  wars, they must be kept out.There must be a way to filter the bad from the good, in doing so maybe some of the children will be saved now instead of waiting until something horrific happens to them.
Your thoughts on this issue would be appreciated.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Sidewiki

There was a choice to use or not to use. I like
the size of the Sidewiki,
it does not take up the entire page. You are able to see what page or other site you are on, which allows you to stay focused on your other

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