Monday, June 7, 2010


I was not aware of a car that had a heart or any other component to declare it human and capable of  babysitting any child left alone in it. I often wonder why parents forget the child in the summer heat verses zero below temps.
Parenting is not limited to showing off the beautiful bundle or dressing up baby, but involves every breath you take to insure the safety of your child or children.
Leaving a child in a car and locking the door is unacceptable in any type of weather. Your car is not a baby sitter or a real live person that can monitor your child's well being.There was a incident where a parent left a car seat with a child in it on top of the car and pulled off onto the highway,of course the car seat fell from the top of the car, luckily that child was not injured.
Parents cannot be so distracted and unaware of their surroundings that they
forget their responsibility of protecting their children.You must be focused at
all times with a child in your car.
Let's make this a beautiful and happy summer for all children.

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