Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Thoughts and Prayers are with
the victims and families Of Aurora

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Country Music

Do you love country music ? I find it to be so entertaining and relaxing. I have a great station that I listen to along with others. ,with Kit Brooks. Take a gander if you like country music. I am sure you will enjoy. Sometimes it is sad and sometimes funny and down right telling it like it is. I do enjoy all music, but country music can make you smile right off the bat. This FM station gives you the countdown on who is number one and so on. Today is Brantley Gilbert singing " You Don't Know Her Like I Do". You all can relate to that at some time or other. I also like Allen Jackson, singing "Don"t Rock The Juke Box". Sit back and relax and enjoy your weekend.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Championship Sunday-Murray vs. Federer-Tennis

Count down to Men's Wimbledon Championship, 2012

1st. set-  4/6...Murray--Murray scored first point.

2 Nd set- 7/5 Federer



What is with the roof ?  CLOSE IT!!  We are trying to watch the game. If you know that mother nature is in a "Leaky Mood", why not have the roof closed so as not to interrupt the momentum of the game?The issue should not be Roof open vs. Roof closed,  but the Murray vs. Federer Wimbledon Championship  match!! Not criticizing, just voicing my opinion.

3rd set- 6/3 Federer----Murray falls a couple times. (Is it due to a wet turf)??.

4Th set-  Roger-Federer, back on Top!!!!!!!

Mr. Dapper Dan, Roger Federer has done it again. Well, deserved!!

I commend the Referees and Umpires and all staff for an outstanding job.

Andy Murray played all he had and contributed to a great match.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Serena Williams v Agnieszka Radwanska at Wimbledon

The Finals are over  for the Ladies-2012

1st set--1/6 S. Williams

2nd set--7/5 A. Radwanska

3rd set won by Serena Williams, she has made that long awaited comeback.

Congratulation to Serena Williams in winning and claiming the Wimbledon Title, showing that she still has it.  I commend Agnlieszka Radwanska for giving us an exciting and fight back game.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Murray and Tsonga at Wimbledon

The game was played at a fast pace between A Murray and W Tsonga, this game that will determine which one of them will be in the finals against Roger Federalism.

1st set 6/3 Murray

2ND set 6/4 Murray

3rd set 3/6 Tsonga

4Th set 7/5 Murray, which seemed to be anyone's game, Won by Andy Murray...On to the Finals.

Who will win the Wimbledon Finals????

Djokovic and Federer at Wimbledon

Who goes to the finals?
Djokovic has his heart set on going to the Finals. Will his dream come true? Federer wants to regain his position in Wimbledon. Mr. Dapper Dan has not  been in the finals since 2009. This is his first major final since 2009.

The game was played at a quick pace.
Federer won 1st set--6/3

Djokovic won 2ND set--3/6

Federer is dominating Djokovic

Federer won 3rd set--6/4

Federer won 4Th set 6/3 and is on his way to play the finals.

Who do you pick to win the match between Murray and Tsonga?

Who will be Roger Federer's opponent on Sunday ?????

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Radwanska and Williams, Wimbledon

Is Serena Williams on a roll and will she be able to top this off with the Title ? Radwanska will be her opponent. Williams has made a turnaround and has shown that she still has the play to win in her blood.
Every Tennis lover will be watching to see the outcome. Who do think will win and why?

Serena has won 35 Million in prize money. I do not feel that money fuels Serena, it is her strong competitive nature and learned skills that keep her on top of the game. 
Radwanska won over Kerber, making her way to play in the finals against Serena Williams.Will she be able to grab the title? No one knows today. Will she be able to beat the powerhouse, Serena Williams? Serena will win if she holds back on her power shots and stays focused and calm.