Saturday, March 19, 2011

Young Adults--Re-direct education

Internet savvy young adults, it is time to re-direct your interest to Global and world wide events and a education that enables you and your families to survive in this changing environmental era. Everyone has had a break by immersing themselves into computer technology and the likes, showing how intelligent you are, which you all have demonstrated your ability to figure out most things.

Now is the time to get back on track to the business at hand, and that is having a safe environment to live in. Finding out about our nuclear situation and what ever else you need to help our world be a safer place, a fair and just place for all. Go back to school and re-educate yourselves with the issues that are causing turmoil all over the world.

Invest in your life by securing a education which will insure you and all to be able to survive in our changing world, which seems to be experiencing many adverse findings in a lot of our in-place technologies and systems. The earth is changing along with the atmosphere . We need to know what should be utilized and what could become a threat to us.

My point is, you have mastered the computer technologies, now it it time to master the technology of
what makes the world go round safely. It time to really pay attention to your earthly surroundings.