Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cairo, Egypt

Where there is a will there is a way, as the old saying goes. The people of Cairo have demonstrated that a large and organized group can change their destiny. With the hope and belief of together we stand , divided we fall has paid off for the first segment of this struggle, for all to to be treated fairly and just.

With the use of the Internets, face book and Mobil, they have been able to expose those that were unjust.The savvy of their young people fueled by education and fearlessness proved to be rewarding. The exposure on world wide news and Internet lessened the retaliation of punishment by the unjust.What is the next step for them to truly accomplish and complete what they started out to do? Gain freedom and justice for all.

The demonstrations are over, the square is cleaned up, and now back to the business at hand. What is best,
waiting for someone to choose their leader or making that decision on their on? They know better as to who is left in the regime and if they can be trusted. So it is time to get back to their dwellings and communicating with each other and making some suggestions as to whom they would choose to lead them.

I commend them for their togetherness and the non violence demonstrated during this trying time. It is not wise to rely on their military forces if they are already demonstrating for a  an increase in  salaries. How long will the armed forces be passive and fair? It is time for the people of Cairo to get back to the drawing board. The first battle has been won. Get prepared so there won't be another. May you all be safe on your journey to Freedom