Sunday, June 13, 2010


The situation with the the Oil Spill is very serious and frightening. Just to think that there are so many other things a parent has to worry about in keeping our children safe, now we are all in danger because of this tragic accident. More jobs lost for the fishing industry, not to mention the health hazards imposed. For those of us watching our diets, sea food was an alternative.
 Another concern is that a guest on the news stated that someone might be able to correct the problem, but the powers to be have not asked them personally. Well, are we talking about egos and who gets into the spotlight or are we concerned about all us that are affected by this mishap? What effect will the oil spill have on all of us a few years from now?
Parents teach their children compassion, caring and to do the right thing in life.
Are we as adults falling short of what we are trying to convey to our children?

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