Friday, June 18, 2010


The attitude of some teens in school seems to be, "If I fail in school because I did not try, is better than failing when I did try. There are some teens who have this attitude. The fear of  what their friends or teachers and even what their parents might say is affecting how teens are approaching the problem.

I would think that all parents are teaching their school age children to try and try again until they succeed. This message is not reaching all of our children. It is so very important for them to know that you are supporting them and understand if they really try to succeed.They might have to switch to another subject.

Not to try at all is not the solution. That would be creating more problems for them later on in life. Instilling confidence and self esteem is a couple of the most important things a parent have to master. It is up to the parent to find out from your child exactly how they feel  about  the issue of succeeding in school. You need to know if they are having a problem with any subject, which would cause them not to apply themselves.

If your child's grades are not up to par, don't wait, discuss the issue now. They might have this same attitude, which can spread like wildfire. Communication is vital  in this situation. A yelling match is not what is needed, but listening and trying to understand their point of view and guiding them away from the idea of not trying, and letting them  know that they are in control of making every effort that they can to succeed.

Let them know that you will still love them if they do not succeed in something and them loving you back means they did at least try.


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