Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Thanksgiving Card, 1912


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Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and reaching out to family and friends. We should be thankful everyday and show it, but as in real life we are way to busy with work ,school and whatever else fills our plate. I think that most of us give thanks each and every day no matter what comes our way, for we know better days are to come.

There is so much turmoil all over the world such as weather, wars and all the other things that affect us in one way or another. It brings our attention to how blessed we are. We pray for those that have lost their lives due to storms and those that have lost their lives in war or in any way.

One might say "how can I be thankful"?  The sun will rise again and shine on you and dry your tears, be Thankful!!

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