Thursday, November 8, 2012

Congratulations to President Obama
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History has been made again, but double fold, due to everyone banning together and voicing their opinion via voting. Many stood in long voting lines for many hours, but they did not give up, they prevailed and won!

In 2012 such actions remind you of the years gone by and the struggles that many were faced with, how could this be in this year and time?  It is a reminder of how much change has been made and probably not as much change as we have desired.

Even so a change is evident a change that will be better for all. It is all about everyone and not just some which is the key to uplifting all. The determination shown by all was amazing and uplifting. It was a message sent by all that we all want to be treated fairly and we do have a voice and we can't be bought or sold and lied to.

This is not a game of who has the most money and just want to win an election to show power and are not concerned about the people that they are suppose to be representing.

It is a clear indication that "Together we Stand". It can be done and the mission was accomplished.

I suppose if some of those egos were put aside the people would be the key focus, as should be.
There is much to be done and it can be achieved if we all stay focused.


Jennifer fay said...

Well said. My vote was for Obama.

Sandra Bey said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting.