Friday, September 17, 2010


Gathering information  about the construction of  your Log Home is vitally important. Taking notes and keeping a file of all quotes, (3) is the minimum. I have an expert that has posted some very important information to help you understand some of the issues involved.
At this point you want to obtain information that will help you understand all the aspects of having a Log Home constructed and finding one that fits your needs.

Order your brochures now and ask questions concerning the logs being used. You need to know the process of obtaining your logs and what kind of wood will be used. This is some what different than a conventional house. You must choose the type of log, White Pine or Yellow Pine, full round logs etc.
A professional Log Home builder will be able to explain all of this to you.

Finding a good builder is one of the key factors to your Log Home Dream coming true.The coordination of the  construction of your completed Log Home depends on who will be responsible for what. You must cover all bases with no assumptions.You must cover all bases.

Your first stop should be the BBB, read carefully and follow their instructions

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