Tuesday, September 14, 2010


If you are really thinking about building a Log Home, you have a lot of home work to do. You really need to get plenty of  Log Home brochures and floor plans. This will give you many ideas of what can be done to make your Log Home dream come true.

Visiting a model Log Home is a must, at least one. There is no charge for information and seeing for yourself, it is a plus. Keep in mind that when viewing a Log Home brochure there is no comparison to the actual layout. Log homes have a larger appearance when you are standing inside of one, compared to viewing a brochure.With that being said don't over build thinking that it will be small.
Due to most designs, the ceilings are quite high, giving a lovely spacious atmosphere.

Remember you are only asking for information, therefore there is nothing to sign up for (NOTHING).
Nothing to sign until you have made your final choice.
One very important factor : Your builder must be a Log Home builder and it is wise to check with the BBB for back-up.

This is just some of your home work. Have fun.


Printinghost said...

its really very informative and helpful buddy...

Custom Log Homes said...

Another very important thing to look for is a builder/designer/company that provides not only the kind of log home you are looking for, but also the services you require. Some companies, for instance, just provide a kit while others offer full architectural services. Some will stack your home, others find builders to do it for you, and others require you to find a builder.