Friday, August 27, 2010


Have you been thinking about a Log Home, really living in one?  We stepped outside of the box and did just that. I am now living in an 3,900 sq. ft Log Home. Some people still call it a "Log Cabin", however you relate to it, I am quite sure you know what you have in mind, Logs and more Logs. It is a feeling of
Nature inside and out and truly fitting onto the 5.6 ares it is situated on.
Our Log home was constructed,custom, (by builders), of  8" Round Logs, Yellow Pine with 9'ft walls in most rooms and no sheet rock any where. A total of 5178sq.ft.
Now you know I am talking Logs here.

If you are looking into the possibility of of constructing a Log Home you are aware that you need a piece of land to put it on. Your builder is one of the most important factors in the project along with many other things , such as where to get your logs from.

Well if you have this dream I suggest you pursue it. A Log home is so peaceful and comforting and each day it gives you something really beautiful to wake up to.

As with anything in life there are things you need to be aware of  in order to make your journey a happy one.
Share your questions or experiences with me. I will be glad to share mine.


Linda said...

I absolutely love log homes & have always dreamed of one but it will be many years before we can even think of getting one (we just bought a house last year). Would love to see some pictures =)

SANDRA said...

Hi, Linda
So glad to have you drop by. I will have some pictures soon. If you are are thinking about a log home, start planning now. You must visit a few sample log homes just to make sure that a Log Home is what you would love living in.

You mentioned that you just bought a house, congratulation to you and your family. Make the next house your Log Home. I feel it is a home that you will want to stay in, "unless you win the lotto" and build a larger one.Sign up to subscribe via e-mail and I will answer any questions that you might have or direct you to sources that will be helpful to you.

Think about who is going to build, you or a contractor, which is a very important factor.