Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Children of Parents suffering from Depression

Once again a parent has harmed her children and both children have died, as reported on the news.
Death of any child is heart breaking, knowing that a life has been taken before having had a chance to play, run and see what the world has to offer them. Accidental death makes it no easier to bear.

Depression can be one of the culprits leading to a person  doing harm to anyone. Anger can also cause a person to behave or even have volatile thoughts of doing harm or even mental illness might contribute.
All of these behaviors affect the normal way of thinking, which has to be diagnosed by a professional.
So many people let things build up inside of them and appear to be of normal thinking and behavior until something like this happens.

Depression can cause a person to withdraw from the normal thoughts and no one knows that they are depressed and they don,t tell anyone or they might, but when they can not get any positive feedback, they continue to withdraw into their own negative thoughts. This does not mean everyone suffering from depression, a lot of people suffering from depression seek professional help, which helps them sort the bad thoughts from the good.

Harming a child to get back at someone else is so wrong, and not normal, what you would call, way off track.It is easy to let bad thoughts run away with you and very hard to seek help or admit that you need help.
Words or mistreatment can be the last "straw that broke the camel's back".
Tell someone what you are feeling, maybe you are just plain worn out mentally and you are not aware
of how dangerously close you are to the breaking point
The child or children are not the problem. DO NOT TAKE IT OUT ON THEM, JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE EASY PREY!
We as adults are suppose to be protecting all children at all times, especially if they are with their own Parents.

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