Tuesday, July 6, 2010


How do you  feel about pets and have you learned anything from your pet?  Pets bring something into your life that is unexpected and rewarding. A pet makes you relax and show feelings that you might think you don't have or might not know how to express. If trained properly, they really are the best friend a person can have. They don't talk back or tell you when you are acting ugly, they just look at you and you know they did not deserve that. They make you think about your behavior and responses to them which kind of makes you reflect on your responses at times.

Dogs, as pets are a rewarding adventure. They will chew and have an occasional accident, but will stop eventually with the proper training.Usually dogs will protest to being left alone and will make you say to yourself , that's it. As time goes on you will see that they are trying their best to please you. Who else can you tell all your secrets to and they will never, ever tell.

You might wonder sometimes, who's training who. As time goes on you both know what the other wants and needs. You need to do some research as to which kind of pet you want, finding out what temperament they have is important so you kind of match it up with yours be it a kitten or a puppy.Keep in mind they need Vet. care, food and a proper living area. They need to be walked or have a run. The one thing they need which is most important is love, and you are set to go. Children can also learn quite a bit from having to care for a pet of their own and they will always have a friend.

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