Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Arthritis "Mr Arthur"

"Mr Arthur" is tipping around all over, better try to stay out of his way. He is almost invisible you know, except for the swelling pain and aches. Arthritis seems to come from nowhere and you wonder, well what is this and you wait for it to go away. If you are lucky it might disappear, but not likely without treatment.

Joint inflammation, stiffness, pain  and swelling are some of the symptoms. All of these things can cause tissue damage and if prolonged will create more problems if untreated. There is cartilage which allows the bone to move without friction and pain. The fluid nourishes the joint reducing friction. Disease or injury can also have negative effects on joints.

Diet and vitamins help reduce the risk of more damage. Exercise, such as walking also helps.
Seek medical advice now so as to let "Mr Arthur" know to just tip on by.

The  goal is to keep "Mr Aurthur" away so that you will be able to enjoy a pain free life.


The Caffeinated Globe said...

I really like the way you wrote this post with your thorough knowledge and understanding about arthritis.

I just added your blog to my "EXCHANGE LINKS." See for yourself!

Looking forward to seeing my blog name (with link) on your "Blog List."

SANDRA said...

Welcome to, The Caffeinated Globe, and thank you
for your comment.
Another important factor in dealing with Arthritis is the help given by a Lincensed Physical Therapist. They evaluate, diagnose and treat disorders, they instruct us as to the proper exercise needed to bring us to maximal function.So "Mr Arthur" beware, we are learning and preparing to fight back.