Saturday, July 31, 2010


Have you ever had a friendly visit from Honeybees, in their Observation Bee Hive ? My interest was sparked after eating the delicious local Honey and Creamed Honey made and sold by I learned about the pollination process and found out that without Honeybees there would be less production of fruit and vegetables, without a doubt, we need Honeybees.

Some of us may benefit from eating Local Honey, such as helping to fight off allergies. Honey can also be used in many recipes. Try honey in tea with lemon .It is also tasty drizzled on  warm pancakes .                                                                                

Beeswax comes from the glands of the bees and they build their honeycomb with it. There is much more involved for the beekeepers  to process  the honey and it is a lot of hard work just for one little bottle. This is really the only time I was faced with bees and did not flee. They were contained in their Observation Beehive, which is used as a teaching tool. The Beekeepers are just as busy as the bees doing what they do best and the process was explained to me step-by-step.

What a wonderful learning experience, for we take for granted how some things are done and what care and patience Beekeepers take to provide us with top quality products. The Honeybees are well taken care of, summer and winter. They are not kept in the observation beehive, they are all released back into their beehives where the Queen Bee and her workers make magic.

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