Thursday, July 5, 2012

Radwanska and Williams, Wimbledon

Is Serena Williams on a roll and will she be able to top this off with the Title ? Radwanska will be her opponent. Williams has made a turnaround and has shown that she still has the play to win in her blood.
Every Tennis lover will be watching to see the outcome. Who do think will win and why?

Serena has won 35 Million in prize money. I do not feel that money fuels Serena, it is her strong competitive nature and learned skills that keep her on top of the game. 
Radwanska won over Kerber, making her way to play in the finals against Serena Williams.Will she be able to grab the title? No one knows today. Will she be able to beat the powerhouse, Serena Williams? Serena will win if she holds back on her power shots and stays focused and calm.

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