Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Children and Summer Safety Tips

The heat is here and in most places. Temperatures in the 90s.Most schools are out for summer break, which means more play time for the young ones. Parent's daily routine have to be adjusted once again. Work or babysitter schedules changed to meet the needs of the young ones. In all this hustle bustle, parents, guardians and babysitters slow down and recap. Make sure you know where the young ones are at all times. With all this gotta do stuff we get turned around thinking well I thought you picked them up or didn't you get them out of the car?

Don't even go there. There is no excuse for getting all caught up into the frenzy of the day and forget where the little is. NO EXCUSES ACCEPTED!
Double check to see that the little ones are safe and attended at all times. Leaving a child in a hot car or any vehicle is dangerous, especially in this heat.

Little children love to be outside, so they will  exit through an unlocked door especially if you appear to be busy. Keep an eye on them  at all times. Swimming pools are great for keeping them cool along with the bathtub, but have you ever seen your child turn over on their tummy thinking they can swim? Pay attention for they think they can do everything.

Summer weather is to be enjoyed by all. Keep these tips in mind for summer and all times.
Have a safe and healthy Summer.

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