Sunday, November 21, 2010


Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that we share with family and friends.This is one of the days that we make time to be with our loved ones and friends. We prepare our favorite foods and enjoy each other.
Most of us remember the kitchen giving off aromas that made you stay awake almost all night, hoping that daylight would come so you could savor all the goodies.The cakes, pies and that turkey with the stuffing that was better than the last time.
Those days are returning for most of us as we scurry around making grocery lists and trying not to forget anything. We will not forget those of us that are not able to enjoy Thanksgiving like before. Remembering others is what this day is all about. Donating a turkey is a  great idea or even volunteering your help at a kitchen that will be serving Thanksgiving meals to those in need. Dropping by an elderly neighbor with  a
home cooked meal is also a way we can share this day.
 Let's really make this a Happy Thanksgiving for all.

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Anonymous said...

I have wonderful memories. I look forward to these holidays because of what was in my home growing up. I also make a list and think of the things that made it great. Family, friends and great food. I try to make it taste just like my mom cooked it, I even use her recipes. I try not to take to many short cuts so that I can stay up all night long. What really makes me happy is being together with people who appreciate it and enjoy it. Thanks Mom