Thursday, October 21, 2010

Electronics and a Log Home

While selecting your floor plans and design of your all wood Log Home, keep in mind all of your desired gadgets and where you want them installed. If you are not utilizing sheetrock or drywall in your Log Home, select the exact areas where you want your computers, telephones,televisions and all other electrical items. There will be no sheet rock to hide these wires, therefore this should be done a bit earlier than when building a conventional house. If you do not designate a place for your cable TV early on, the cable installer will have to drill a hole through the floor in order to gain access. You really do not want your wood damaged in that fashion.

Electrical outlets are not a problem because there is a specific amount required by the size of each room. All of your electrical wiring for the items mentioned above, should be concealed .
This means  that you will have to go into each and every room and point out where you want your
cable connection to be placed and also the touch pads for your alarm system. Don't forget about the telephones and  which rooms and where they are to be located.

The best way to accomplish this task is to get a copy of your floor plans, make a 8x10 copy of each room and using small pieces of paper, arrange as sofa, chairs,etc. This will help you visualize where you should have a telephone or cable connection.

The 8x10 copy method also helps in placement of your furniture at move in time. You will be able to
tell the movers exactly where to put what, which eliminates confusion and shortens move in time. 

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