Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Illegal Immigrants and their children

The news media is discussing Illegal Immigrants along with the border issues. Upon seeing families with children moving from one place to another to escape the raft of being illegal was disturbing. There must be another way to rectify this problem. Have any studies been done to tell anyone how many of these illegal immigrants have tried to or succeeded in harming the US in any way.Specifically, terrorism, bombings and the like.?
It appears as though if someone has sufficient funds and is a legal citizen that they can cause us more harm, such as the almost fatal act in Times Square.
Of course we don't want to be infiltrated with drug lords and their  wars, they must be kept out.There must be a way to filter the bad from the good, in doing so maybe some of the children will be saved now instead of waiting until something horrific happens to them.
Your thoughts on this issue would be appreciated.


Violetwrites said...

our nation was built on immigrants and I'm so tired of getting these forwarded mails about Mexicans. They are very hard workers and do jobs no one else wants to. Everyone has the right to better life.

I actually write about this in one of my bluetry poems-

sandra said...

It appears to me that there are too many issues mixed into this. The border is one thing,those that are trouble makers are another. As you said
those that are hard workers should be shown how to work legally.