Friday, April 16, 2010

Protection of our Children - Paddling, Spanking

Before we can solve one issue another pops up. Paddling in schools? By whom and for what reasons? It has been determined that paddling or spanking could be harmful to any child.Why would any parent want a teacher or anyone else outside of their home given authority to hit, paddle as a form of discipline? Teachers are good at what they do and are trained for that purpose , but that does not mean that they are qualified to render corporal punishment.
Have the teachers been screened and trained and had their emotional stability tested to be able to determine if they are suitable for paddling some-one's child  as a form of discipline?

We as parents are teaching not to hit anyone. How can we as parents agree to paddling in schools? The issue of discipline should be directed back to the parents, for they are responsible for their child's well-being.
When a child displays unacceptable  behavior or is disruptive in school, the parents should be notified and  be directed to proper professionals to assist them in correcting the problem.
Our children do not need to be put in a position that reflects the notion that it is alright to be hit by anyone or a designated person outside of their home.

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