Friday, April 30, 2010

Bullies in School

Parents of these School  Bullies, where are you? Most parents know what type of child they are raising, you can't say that you did not know that your child  was causing havoc or causing grief to another child. If you are in the same household and parenting your children, then you have an inkling of what your child may be doing just by the conversation they hold, the friends they hang around with and their general attitude.
Most parents might say " I am not teaching them to be a bully", of course not, but it is up to you to pay close attention to your child when suspected of such a vile act and do something about it.
This act of bulling is causing other children to suffer and is unjust, such as little Phoebe, who ended her life due the pressure of bulling from the kids in her school. So very sad,  because it did not have to happen to her or anyone else.
Of all the children in that school, none of them told their parents, and if so no one did anything about it. You might say " my child was not involved". Well if we continue to let it happen, it will eventually be your child or some one's child. There seems to be a secrecy revolving around the bulling, which means if a child is bullied they had better not tell or else. Children need to be told it is the right thing to do, and that is to tell a parent or school counselor or an adult, not their friends, because they are afraid also. Bullies need proffessional help.

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