Friday, July 6, 2012

Djokovic and Federer at Wimbledon

Who goes to the finals?
Djokovic has his heart set on going to the Finals. Will his dream come true? Federer wants to regain his position in Wimbledon. Mr. Dapper Dan has not  been in the finals since 2009. This is his first major final since 2009.

The game was played at a quick pace.
Federer won 1st set--6/3

Djokovic won 2ND set--3/6

Federer is dominating Djokovic

Federer won 3rd set--6/4

Federer won 4Th set 6/3 and is on his way to play the finals.

Who do you pick to win the match between Murray and Tsonga?

Who will be Roger Federer's opponent on Sunday ?????

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